Baby Food Maker UK: Best To Buy 2018

Here is a UK baby food maker list. We made a list for the US based readers ‘Top Baby Food Maker List To Buy 2018‘, however I feel I should also make one for the British parents out there, as being able to make your own baby food is universally wanted, I would think!

Once again, all products listed are BPA free, so you can use your chosen baby food maker without worry.

Without further ado, I’ll get right into the list, in no particular order.

The first product is one of the more expensive options. This UK baby food maker has both options of steaming and blending. This means you won’t have to pre-cook your food, as you can do it all in this product. Steaming is the generally regarded as the best way to cook your food, because it retains the most nutrients. Its volume size is 800ml, but there’s a suggested max of 450ml. This is to prevent too much tax on the system, and ensure your food is blended thoroughly. It also comes with a spatula and recipe booklet.

Tommee Tippee is a proven brand, dedicated to babies. Their goal is to create simple and intuitive products for baby care. Their UK baby food maker is no exception. With 2 speed settings for different textures of puree, mash, and chunks, it’s a good cheap all rounder. Its max recommended use is 250ml, therefore only smaller batches are able to be blended in this. It is also quite loud, so make sure your baby is already awake, or not near when you use this! There is also an option to purchase with storage pots + lids for a small extra charge.

The BEABA is a brand we reviewed in our US article. With a pretty sizeable 1100ml capacity, and the 4 in 1 options of steaming, blending, defrosting, and reheating, this UK baby food maker is an awesome all rounder choice, although it is definitely reflected in the price. Comes with a recipe booklet, cooking basket, spatula and mixing lid/smoothie filter.

While not a dedicated baby food maker, this option is still very good because of not only its price, but ease of use. All you need to do is add the cooked food, some water, and pull the handle repeatedly until it’s blended into a fine puree. I own a product similar to this and its great for chopping up other vegetables when you’re preparing food, so it’s great value for money. You will have to double check its smoothness once finished just in case though, as it is a manual blender.

The Nutribaby is a very all rounder piece of equipment. It has 5 functions – warms baby bottles and jars, sterilises, steams, defrosts, and blends. There’s not much else you’ll need to do besides pre-cut the food with this appliance. This last UK baby food maker on the list is available with added extras, for extra charge. The extras are varying sizes of Babybowl sets, from small, to XXL. The capacity of it is also the best, with a staggering 1500ml volume for steaming, and a more conservative 600ml for blending.

As always, don’t forget to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked before blending, and as smooth as is necessary for your babies developmental stage.

For some recipes, check out our other article ‘10 Homemade Baby Food Ideas For 6-9 Month Old‘.

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