Household Appliances: Top 10 To Make Your Life Better

Since everyone wants life to be easier, here at Life Top Tips we decided to create a list of 10 household appliances and electronics, that’ll make your life better. Some of the things on this list you probably already have. There are some that you may not have, or not even known about. As smart technology continues to rise, so does the rise of electronics in general. And our quality of life rises too.

Here are our Top 10 Household Appliances To Make Your Life Better!

1. A Proper Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum Cleaner Image


Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘Oh man this list is gonna be boring as hell. A vacuum cleaner?’. Yes. A vacuum cleaner. The reason it’s on the list, is because so many people buy low quality vacuum cleaners, because they don’t want to spend too much. It ends up not working very well after a while, even less than when it was new, and you get another one.

Buying a top quality vacuum cleaner will last you decades if treated right, and it’ll do the job so well, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. If you have pets, especially dogs or cats that shed a lot, you will know what I am talking about. If you buy a great quality vacuum cleaner, it may hurt your pocket in the short run, but it’ll save you a lot of money, and a LOT of hassle in the long run.


Best Vacuum Cleaner USADyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum


Best Vacuum Cleaner UK – DYSON Light Ball Animal Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


2. Video Doorbell



This is now starting to get a little better. With a regular doorbell, if someone rang it, you’d have to get up, go all the way to the door, and open it, or look through your peephole. With this nifty invention, you can see who is outside your door, and tell them to go away without having to even get up! Many video doorbells are able to connect with Amazon Alexa, as well as other linking products, but make sure if they do before you purchase, if you want that feature. You don’t even have to use it as a doorbell. You can set it up as a normal security cam, and have instant access through your phone.

No longer will you have to risk starting a conversation with some unwanted cold callers, or that one relative who is a little annoying.


Best Video Doorbell USA – itTiot Video Doorbell


Best Video Doorbell UK – Accfly 720P HD WIFI Security Camera


3. Home Cinema


Home Cinema Image


A home cinema is something that it seems that so many people want, but so few people have. Having the ability to project your favourite movie or tv-show onto the ‘big screen’, is well loved, and much cheaper than going to the cinema, especially when you factor in snacks! Of course it isn’t limited to only movies and tv-shows. You can project anything from your computer or gaming console. So if you wanted to, you could play games together will all your friends on a big screen, and probably lose a couple playing Mario Kart!

You don’t need to buy a top end home cinema for it to be worth it. You can go for simply a blank wall, a cheap sofa, and a cheap projector and speakers, or you can go for some nice reclining armchairs, surround sound speakers, dedicated projector screen, immersive lighting, and so much more. You’ll notice the difference if you do, but if you’ve never had one, a more budget friendly option will be easily enough for your needs. Of course, you could go all out like in the picture above, and really reap the benefits!


Best Home Cinema USAEpson 1080p Cinema Projector 


Best Home Cinema UK –  Epson 1080p Cinema Projector


4. Supercharged Trash Can


Waste Basket Image


Yeah, everyone’s got a trash can. But does everyone have an awesome trash can, that compacts your waste, and can hold tons more trash? Getting an indoor trash compactor will make your life so much easier. Think about it. If you can hold more trash in your bins, you don’t have to take out the trash as often. That’s enough of a win in my books to get one.

There aren’t many on the market, and they seem to be a diamond in the rough. One problem that seems to be apparent is that naturally, if you are compacting the waste, if you’re throwing foodstuffs in, it can start to really smell. This isn’t a problem if you use it for only paper based products, so it’s something to keep in mind.


Best Trash Compactor USAHousehold Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor

Best Trash Compactor UK – Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Compactor


5. Smart Sprinkler Controller


Sprinkler Image


Watering your garden has never been easier. With number #5 on our household appliances list, once it’s set up, you don’t even need to go outside to water your plants. One of the great features is that you can control them from either Alexa usually, or your phone via an app. That means if it’s raining, you don’t need to run outside to turn it off, but you can do it from the comfort of indoors. With most, you can also automatically schedule times for it to turn on and off, which means once it’s set up, you won’t have to worry about it for ages! Some also offer ‘advice’ on when and how often to water your garden, to get you the best results.

A smart sprinkler controller also saves you money, and while it may cost more now, it’ll pay itself back well over the years.

All you’ll need to do is replace your current controller and you’re good to go!


Best Smart Sprinkler Controller USARachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Best Smart Sprinkler Controller UK – Orbit 94550


6. Smart Thermostat


Smart Thermostat Image


As one of our top 10 home appliances, the smart thermostat is another money saving option. They can be programmed to change temperature through an app, and can learn your routines. This means that if you’re away, you can set it to heat up your house before you get home. That’ll save you tons of money in the long run, rather than just leaving the heating on when you leave in the Winter.

Another great reason is that it’ll help you find out exactly how much energy you’re using, and how much you’re wasting. This will also help save you money when you see where you’re using energy when not necessary. Depending on your current heating habits, it can take at least a year to pay itself back.


Best Smart Thermostat USA – Nest Learning Thermostat

Best Smart Thermostat UK – Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation


7. Wireless Lighting Control System


Ceiling Lamp Image


This is a definite must have from our household appliances. The ability to turn off the lights once you’ve already sat down, or gotten into bed, is something everybody wishes they have when it happens. Now you can, with a Wireless Lighting Control System.

Besides the obvious, you can also set lights to turn on and off at varying intervals. This is great for deterring would-be burglars, as they’d think someone was still home.


Best Wireless Lighting Control Systems USA – Gosund 15A Smart Wifi Light Switch

Best Wireless Lighting Control Systems UK – Philips Hue Home Automation Smart Bridge (Will need Philips Hue Lights)


8. Google Home/Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo and Google home Image


This is probably the only specific product on this household appliances list. Firstly, both of these are ‘do it all’ product. At their base use, it’s a smart bluetooth speaker that can perform various tasks, as well as control other smart devices you own. Amazon Echo comes with a built in assistant called Alexa, and it begins listening to commands when you call out “Alexa”. For Google Home, you get the ‘Google Assistant’, and need to call out “Ok Google”.

You can download free ‘Skills’ on the Alexa smartphone app store. There’s a massive variety of these ‘skills, and range from asking Alexa to dim the lights, to asking Alexa how cool you are.

Both smart hubs are compatible with many different smart products, such as the Philips Hue lights, Samsung smart products, Hive thermostats, and D-link smart plugs, although Alexa supports more.

Google Home is more natural to converse with, and Google is rolling out more features to make the conversations even more fluid. This includes the ability to ask the Google Assistant to perform multiple tasks at once, and ask two questions in succession without having to repeat ‘Ok Google’.

Both can place calls, but Alexa is limited to its own kind, whereas you can use the Google Home as if it were a mobile phone once you set up your caller ID.

Alexa has more choice in the way of skills, speakers, and even a screened option, making it better for controlling your home, but Google is smarter in its default, more natural to talk to, and is more suited as a personal assistant.


Buy Amazon Echo USAAmazon Echo

Buy Amazon Echo UK – Amazon Echo
Buy Google Home USA + UKGoogle Home




9. Luxury Coffee Machine


Coffee Machine Household Appliances Image


Having a great cup of coffee will really get you off to a good start. Not only that, but it’s one of the best household appliances for when you have guests around. Being able to make a variety of different coffees for different tastes is a great showpiece. There are 4 main types of coffee machines:

  • The first is a manual espresso machine. While this allows for full flexibility to create any coffee variant, it does also mean you’ll have to manually grind and add the coffee, steam your own milk, and repeat for each cup.
  • The second is a Bean-To-Cup machine. This machine grinds the coffee beans and pours automatically. All you need to do is add the coffee beans, add water, and it’s ready to go at the push of a button.
  • The third is the Pod/Capsule machine. These will cost more per cup than the others, but they’re also one of the easiest. All you need to do is buy a pod/capsule, pop it in, add water, and you’re done.
  • The last is the Filter coffee machine. This one is great for making large amounts of coffee. All you need is ground coffee, and filters. Simply fill up the reservoir, add the ground coffee in the filter, and turn the machine on. It’ll fill up a jug with coffee, and you can pour several cups of coffee for many people at the same time.

So you need to figure out exactly what sort of use you want from your coffee machine before you make your choice.


Buy Coffee Machine USA – Coffee Machine List
Buy Coffee Machine UK – Coffee Machine List


10. Smart Fridge


Fridge Household Appliances Image


The last item on our list of household appliances is a smart fridge. Depending on what model you buy, there are different features. Most include a wide angle camera on the inside, so you can see what’s inside, right from your smartphone. That’s a godsend when you go shopping and you want to make sure you haven’t missed everything. It even saves you the wasted trip if you’re feeling a snack, but there’s nothing in the fridge.

Most smart fridges will also have a touchscreen tablet installed in the door. These can be used for an array of things, from checking the weather, to playing music, to recipe videos. You won’t have to find a place for your laptop or phone anymore when you’re following a recipe. A calendar is also another option. Really, there’s so many different things you can have on it.

A smart fridge is expensive, but compared to how expensive they were when they first came out, it’s relatively cheap, so they are a great addition to any home.


Buy Smart Fridge USASamsung Family Hub

Samsung Fridge Freezer Image

Buy Smart Fridge UKSamsung Freestanding Fridge Freezer


This list of household appliances is sure to help you pimp up your home, and make your lives better. Some options are pretty expensive, but it’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to spend to improve your quality of life.



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